THE WIDOW - play produced & directed by Patric Kearns.


'No Kissing' is a new play; a contemporary story about an impoverished inventory clerk who expects to find an empty flat but finds a seductive woman and a large wad of hidden cash.

An extrract of the play was presented by Vertical Line Theatre at Greenwich Theatre on March 3, 2014.

Directed by Maud Dromgoole the players were Porter Flynn and Badria Timimi.


Conceived story and co-wrote ‘Famous Emery’, an episode for the major children’s animation series, Chuggington, currently airing on BBC’s CBeebies.


Sophia Myles, Sophie Ward and Celia Imrie played the leads in my first film, ‘Out of Bounds’; a feature I wrote, directed and co-produced which BBC1 has screened three times and has also sold well around the world including to ZDF the German broadcaster.

OUT OF BOUNDS: Sophia Myles, Sophie Ward & Celia Imrie

'The eerie setting of an empty girls' boarding school generates the chills in Merlin Ward's low budget but high concept British psychodrama.' 

**** 'very good'   Daily Mail

'Clever scripting and some rather fine twists.' THE_ZONE

'Intriguing and chilling'   TV TIMES

**** 'very good'   The Sun

**** 'very good'   Daily Mirror

*** 'very good'   Evening Standard

'Sophia Myles delivers a strong performance as an 18-year-old boarding school pupil in an affair with the art teacher husband of her headmistress.  A brooding psychological thriller,  this makes good use of its limited budget and stages more than a few effective shocks.'   What's on TV       

Trailer and full movie for 'Out of Bounds'.

WITHIN: Amy Perfect / Fiona Glascott / Derek Hamilton / Boyan Vukelic

I co-created the supernatural thriller, 'Within', starring Amy Perfect, Derek Hamilton, Fiona Glascott, Boyan Vukelic and John Tench.


COMMISSIONED SCREENPLAYS: (currently unproduced)  

NO REST FOR THE DEAD: Commissioned by Hollywood producer, James B. Harris to adapt a noirish thriller set in the L.A.P.D. to London’s Metropolitan Police Force. 

THE SECRET MISSION: A one-hour TV film, commissioned by Working Title, adapted from ‘The Bored Bridegroom’ by Dame Barbara Cartland. 

BLIND SHOT: Screenplay commissioned by “stalk & slash” producer, Peter Walker, adapted from a novel by James Hadley Chase. 



RISING TIDE: A man is washed up by the tide and rescued by a lonely widow.  They become lovers but she is burdened with a terrible secret.  Forced to confront a fearsome enemy she makes the ultimate choice between life and death. 

Formerly under option to Alki David.

SHIFTING SANDS: A news cameraman on assignment outside a courthouse in New York City observes at close hand the assassination of a key prosecution witness. Hurled into a nightmare world of international politics and bullet diplomacy he is caught between the hidden agenda of a CIA operative and an assassin out for revenge. 

Co-written with Patricia O’Connor.

BROADWAY BELLE: In the 1890s, a beautiful young woman becomes the toast of New York City by appearing in popular musical comedies. Three men: a New York banker, a Spanish horse breeder, and the woman's Russian tutor all fight to control her life. Based on true events, 'Broadway Belle' is a powerful story of how all-consuming desire can burn too fiercely. 

Co-written with Patricia O’Connor and originally optioned by Morgan O'Sullivan of World 2000, based at Ardmore Studios in Ireland.

Contact: 07952 624 935